Sunday, February 27, 2011

Drawing 2-25

Abstract Art

"Electricuted Duck Bride"

"The Disaster of 1912, February 21st."

Fabric Art 2-25

"How do quilts say stuff to eachother?"

"I'm gonna cut something and then embroider on it."

"Should we try to make a quilt together?"
"This is my puppy's tongue."

"I need colors! I'm the color person!"

"I'm just gonna lay it out abstract"

Sculpture 2-25

These are going to be the legs.

It's a Star Wars ship.

Making "Lollipop Dollies" and books.

Friday, February 25, 2011

pre-Theater 2/26

Good afternoon, actors! Tomorrow, our main focus will be imagining the scenery for our play, plus talking about how costumes help to define our characters. Here's what we'll be up to:

Vocal/Body Warm-Ups
Read Today I Feel Silly (& Other Moods That Make My Day)
Painting Your Box: An imaginative scene-setting game.
Here's The Scene: We'll draw pictures of our class play and its scenery.

Saturday Theater Class 4

"There are tiny baby jaguars on the end of my nose."
"I'm holding the baby jaguars"

Fierce tigers coming to eat the bunnies.

Saturday Movement

Tuesday Painting

"It's a Control Vehicle."
"The Kitten fell of the mommy's back and is tied to a rope. They are going upstairs to a higher part of the building."
"It's a heart, a train track, and a snail."
"It's just my design."

pre-Creative Movement 2/26

Hope everyone had a great week. I have lots of fun stuff planned for Creative Movement tomorrow.

We'll start off with the usual yoga pose warm-up and read a book called Hop-Skip-Jump-a-roo Zoo.

Then we'll be exploring the African dance tradition! All the movements in this style of dance are mimed versions of activities we do every day, such as washing clothes or cooking food. We will explore some of the classic steps before inventing some of our own based on the things we like to do every day. We'll also learn about the instruments traditionally used and play the ones we have on hand.

Looking forward to seeing you all! :)

pre Sculpture Class 2/25

Today in class we will be working with wood! For our exploration in wood working, we will be using a variety of different tools such as nails, hammers, and drills to help us create art with wood! After exploring the technical qualities of wood and the tools we use to work with wood, we will use our imaginations to create a wooden sculpture. Our material will be the inspiration to what we create! Let the wood inspire you to create something new!

Can't wait to see everyone!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fabric Art Plans for 2/25/11

Tomorrow for fabric art, we will be making quilts! Some of the ideas we will be considering are the purpose of a quilt, design of a quilt and storytelling through quilts. I am going to bring in an example for all of you to see and experience! Quilting is a great way to express yourself and create something useful. We will begin to work on quilts by making individual small squares of any design we desire! I was thinking four squares would be a good number for us to aim for, but any individual can make as many squares as they would like. When we are finished designing our squares, we will sew them together to form the beginning of our quilt.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tuesday Theater Week 4

Create scenes, as well as do similar or same scenes with character secrets. I will give a secret to the actors before they go into the scene. The secrets will be underlying character "wants, needs, and/or things to accomplish" in the scene that only the character themselves know. After the conflict is acknowledged then actors will try to resolve scenes. Then it's "Circle Up" time and together we will write the play using everything we learned and practice. We will introduce "Mood and Feeling" for next week.

pre- painting

In painting class this week, we will be using drawing tools to create a picture and then use watercolors to paint it in, on water color specific paper. If any of the kids are interested in painting a tree or a flower, we will offer the option to them of presenting step by step how to achieve this outcome.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Drawing - Feb. 18 - Textures

Let's open our eyes to textures around us and then use the textures as inspiration for our drawings.

Finding textures outside:

Making landscapes:

Incorporating textures into our designs:

Fabric Art - Feb. 18 - Making a Costume

Jessica led the class with a discussion about "What is the most important piece or part of a costume?"

Here's some ideas that the class came up with:
cat-ears, tail, teeth
butterfly-wings, antennae
lizard-scales, tail, head
dog-ears, tail
lovebug-wings, colors

Steps to making your costume:

1. pick an animal or person

2. identify the important pieces

3. draw ideas for your design

4. gather materials

5. construct the pieces

Here's some of the finished costumes:

Fabric Art - Feb. 11 - Puppet Making

Our ideas for Puppet Making: Sock Puppet, Butterfly & Unicorn. Let's see what happens.

Mason- "Emily, what are you making?"
Emily- "I have no idea, I'm just making a Whatever Puppet."
Emily continued working on her Whatever Puppet until the end of class. When she was done it was covered with bright colors and lots of fabric paint. She loved it.

Frankie- "I can't pull this apart"
Jessica- "How big do you need it?"
Frankie- "Just big enough to stuff in here."
Jessica- "Do you want me to cut it?"
Frankie- "Yeah, now it fits"
Frankie worked on her sock puppet, eventually adding details like wings and turning it into a butterfly.

Mason- "Hey, look at my triangle."
Mason's triangle became a detail on his puppet made using a brown paper bag, markers and fabric paint.
Hope- "Mason, tell me about what you are making."
Mason- "I don't know, I'm just making---it's cool stuff. It has cool stuff on it."

Sewing Lessons from a couple of seven year olds!
Frankie- "I need to sew this closed."
Jessica- "Can someone show Frankie how to sew."
Maggie & Emily at the same time- "I can!"
Maggie- "All you have to do is poke that and then pull...all of it?
Emily- "Yeah, all of it."
Frankie- "I can do it, I can do that."

See you guys next week for more fabric fun!