Friday, May 20, 2011

Sculpture May 20th

Today in sculpture we are going to make found object sculptures, or otherwise known as recycled art. Using objects that aren't normally used in sculpture making can be very fun and interesting. I will be bringing in many objects and materials to transform them into whatever you would like. I think this is always an interesting class to have after clay day because clay is one of the original sculpture making while found object art is more contemporary.
See you soon,

Painting May 20th

Today in painting we are going to learn about mural painters! We are going to create our own class mural. Murals can tell  stories that can celebrate a joyous occasion or depict something sad. As a class we can make a story together or we can all paint together whatever we would like. I will bring in a few painting examples too! See you soon!

Painting April 29th and May 6th

In painting class on April 29th, we learned about landscape painters. We then went outside and found flowers, sticks, and leaves that we would like to paint.

 Lindsey painted her flower and leaf with wings around it.

Eve found two flowers that were white and pink, and painted two paintings displaying them.

In class on May 6th, we learned about expressionism and painting with colors to represent our emotions.

 Ori began her painting with an orange flower and a green kangaroo. She said she was feeling happy because she used bright colors. Eventually, she changed her painting to just flowers and created a series.

 Lilah finished her painting using blues and oranges.

 Ori's series of paintings had many bright colors in it because she said was feeling very happy. 

Eve's painting has a sunflower over the ocean. It is also snowing above the ocean. She made a red cloud because she ran out of white paint. She said she was feeling happy.

Sculpture April 29th and May 6th

Hello Everyone! I haven't been able to upload any of our class pictures until now, so here are a few! In class on April 29th, we made an installation. It was Halie's last day too.

 We worked on our space to create an underwater theme along with some haunted aspects. Ariel hung fish from the ceiling and drew a fishing scene in between Connor's haunted house and Ori's castle.
  Connor worked diligently on his haunted house. The next class, we discussed his inspiration from Ghost Busters.

On May 6th, we made puppets. There were paper bag puppets such as Austin's Batman and Kitty puppet, Emily and Mason's swan and ghost puppet, Connor's haunted paper puppet, and Ori's cat puppet. We learned how to use the hot glue gun, sewing and paper for puppet making.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Painting 5/6/11

Hello everyone!

I am very excited for tomorrow's class because we are going to learn about the art movement Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism (my favorite!). We will talk about the different countries it began in and what time period it started. I will show the class examples from artists such as Franz Marc, Jackson Pollock and even Vincent van Gogh. I will provide materials to add different colors, collages, markers, pencils and basically, anything else that could be important to experience creating work abstractly. I think it is just as important for a painter to understand technical concepts as well as painting with emotions. This is the purpose of our class for tomorrow!
See all of you then,

Sculpture 5/6/11

Hello everyone! I will be teaching sculpture tomorrow. Tomorrow we are going to work on puppets! We will look at different types of puppets that we can make. This means we will examine fabric, paper, stuffing and possibly learn how to sew. We will talk about what would we like to turn into a puppet (an animal, talking plant or person) and plan out our puppets. It should be interesting to examine what something planned in 2-D form could become in 3-D form.  I look forward to see all of you tomorrow!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Animation Class 4/29

Hello everyone!
So today we will be finishing up our characters and sets for our first 2D animation! After we're done, we will begin filming our animations next class. We can talk about how we want our animations to be, if we want audio voice overs or have it be a silent film.

Here are some pictures from last class!