Friday, April 29, 2011

Animation Class 4/29

Hello everyone!
So today we will be finishing up our characters and sets for our first 2D animation! After we're done, we will begin filming our animations next class. We can talk about how we want our animations to be, if we want audio voice overs or have it be a silent film.

Here are some pictures from last class!

Sculpture Class 4/29

Hey everyone, today is my last day teach sculpture before Ms. Jessica takes over, so today we're going to do one of my favorite projects!

Installation Day!

An installation is a sculpture that occupies an entire space! It's taking a space and transforming it into something new and creative. We will work on this project collaboratively to create our own unique sculptural installation!

In the past we've transformed our space into a haunted house, an underwater garden filled with octopuses, and a world wide battle between aliens and humans! This day is all about being creative and making whatever you want within the space!

See you all later,

Pictures from last class!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Animation Class 4/22

Hello animators!
Today in animation class we are going to take the stories and characters we created last week and begin making our 2D images which we will use for our animation. This means we will draw, color, and cut out our characters and our setting. Remember, to make the charcters move we want to draw the arms and legs separate from the body, then attach them with rotating pins so we can move them for the stop motion film!
After this we'll be ready to animate!

See you then,


Sculpture Class 4/22

Hey everyone! Today in sculpture class, we will be painting and decorating our papier mache masks we made last week. If you brought them home, be sure to bring them to class today! We will learn a little bit about color theory, how to mix and make colors, and we will also talk a little bit about what a mask is and look at examples of masks.

Because today is a painting day, be prepared for a little bit of a colorful mess!

See you later,

Friday, April 15, 2011

Animation Class 4/15

Hello everyone!

Today will be our first animation class of the session! I LOVE animation, and I'm so excited to teach all of you some animation techniques and processes. Animation can be a long process, but it's always fun and always rewarding to watch your creations come to life in a video!

Today in class we are beginning our animation process by talking about story boarding. As a class, we will create a story that we want to animation. Everyone will help create a setting, a plot, and characters for our video, and we will begin designing and drawing our animated characters!

I will also show some examples of animation in class to help inspire the process!

See you all later!

Sculpture Class 4/15

Hey everyone! I'm very excited to start the new session today and meet all the new students! I would like to tell everyone what we are doing today in class:

Papier Mache Day!

Today we will be creating papier mache masks! Papier Mache is a technique that included small strips of paper, water and glue. The water and glue creates a paste that we dip the pieces of paper in and then can sculpt a mask with! After the water and glue drys out, the paper mask stays in the form you arranged it in. Today in class we will sculpt our masks, and next class we will paint them!

What kind of mask do you want to make? It could be an animal, a superhero, a monster, or anything else you want to become!

See you guys at 3!