Friday, April 15, 2011

Sculpture Class 4/15

Hey everyone! I'm very excited to start the new session today and meet all the new students! I would like to tell everyone what we are doing today in class:

Papier Mache Day!

Today we will be creating papier mache masks! Papier Mache is a technique that included small strips of paper, water and glue. The water and glue creates a paste that we dip the pieces of paper in and then can sculpt a mask with! After the water and glue drys out, the paper mask stays in the form you arranged it in. Today in class we will sculpt our masks, and next class we will paint them!

What kind of mask do you want to make? It could be an animal, a superhero, a monster, or anything else you want to become!

See you guys at 3!


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