Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sculpture- February 18 and March 4

A few weeks ago in sculpture class we focused on the line in space by making wire sculptures.

First, we sketched out our ideas.

Then, we used our fingers and piers to bend, twist and crumple the wire into shape.

"Maybe it's a planet that has all kinds of colors"-Josh

"It could be a bat or a heart"-Lena

By the end of class putting sculptures on our faces, like glasses became very popular:

Last Friday we explored making sculpture with the plane. We cut, folded, tied and taped together paper. Some very interesting work was made during this class, and even more interesting things were said.

Magnolia drew many picture of people kissing.

"I'm learning about solid figures!" -Ariyana

Isabelle made a car from a sheet of paper. It even has a working trunk.

"This is Chloe the bunny. Chloe's one of our classmates in kindergarten."-Lena

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  1. Hi Hope -- You left a comment for me on my blog (we bloom here) under a tutorial for peg dolls. You asked what type of water colors I use... To answer your question, I use watercolors made by Lyra and I like them very much. I also bought a set of water colors for my son at an art supply store. I don't know the brand, but I paid about $6 for a set with 12 colors and I like these as well. Good paint brushes are important, too!