Friday, March 4, 2011

pre Sculpture and Fabric Art class 3/4

Hey everyone! Today I will be facilitating both the Sculpture class and Fabric art class while miss Jessica is away.

In Sculpture:

Today we will be creating 3D sculptures using paper only! It's time to challenge our creativity and figure out how you can make a sculpture out of paper! We will think about how we can manipulate paper by folding, cutting, and crumbling it to make it transform from flat to 3D. We will work with different kinds of paper too, such as tissue paper, construction paper, craft paper, and news print. See how each type of paper feels and acts differently and think about how you can use that in your sculpture!

In Fabric Art:

We will be using the energy from the sun to print images onto fabric!! Using a very special type of fabric that is sensitive to the sun, we will go outside and find materials that we'd like to print onto our fabric. If you guys have anything really neat you'd like to print then bring it to class!
While we wait for our fabric prints to finish, we will be making stencils for a future T-shirt design project!

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