Friday, May 20, 2011

Painting April 29th and May 6th

In painting class on April 29th, we learned about landscape painters. We then went outside and found flowers, sticks, and leaves that we would like to paint.

 Lindsey painted her flower and leaf with wings around it.

Eve found two flowers that were white and pink, and painted two paintings displaying them.

In class on May 6th, we learned about expressionism and painting with colors to represent our emotions.

 Ori began her painting with an orange flower and a green kangaroo. She said she was feeling happy because she used bright colors. Eventually, she changed her painting to just flowers and created a series.

 Lilah finished her painting using blues and oranges.

 Ori's series of paintings had many bright colors in it because she said was feeling very happy. 

Eve's painting has a sunflower over the ocean. It is also snowing above the ocean. She made a red cloud because she ran out of white paint. She said she was feeling happy.

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