Friday, January 28, 2011

pre-Theater 1/29

Greetings on this sunny Friday afternoon! Tomorrow morning marks the first day of GCK Winter classes and I, for one, am so excited. Theater starts at 9 am, where we will be doing a little Introducing, learning about both our classmates and some theater basics. The class will be structured something like this:

Introductions: In a circle, we'll take turns introducing ourselves and sharing some special piece of information to help us remember each other better.

Characters: We'll talk about our favorite characters (cartoons, animals, people) and spend some time imitating them - we'll be acting already!

Hand Expressions: With a couple of fun songs, we'll learn how our hands can be characters all on their own.

Made for the Stage: We'll introduce the stage, talk about how and why it is used, and everyone can practice clapping and bowing.

Let's Write a Play! Finally, we'll brainstorm some ideas for characters in a play that we will continue to develop week by week.

See you all tomorrow!

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