Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fabric Art - Feb. 11 - Puppet Making

Our ideas for Puppet Making: Sock Puppet, Butterfly & Unicorn. Let's see what happens.

Mason- "Emily, what are you making?"
Emily- "I have no idea, I'm just making a Whatever Puppet."
Emily continued working on her Whatever Puppet until the end of class. When she was done it was covered with bright colors and lots of fabric paint. She loved it.

Frankie- "I can't pull this apart"
Jessica- "How big do you need it?"
Frankie- "Just big enough to stuff in here."
Jessica- "Do you want me to cut it?"
Frankie- "Yeah, now it fits"
Frankie worked on her sock puppet, eventually adding details like wings and turning it into a butterfly.

Mason- "Hey, look at my triangle."
Mason's triangle became a detail on his puppet made using a brown paper bag, markers and fabric paint.
Hope- "Mason, tell me about what you are making."
Mason- "I don't know, I'm just making---it's cool stuff. It has cool stuff on it."

Sewing Lessons from a couple of seven year olds!
Frankie- "I need to sew this closed."
Jessica- "Can someone show Frankie how to sew."
Maggie & Emily at the same time- "I can!"
Maggie- "All you have to do is poke that and then pull...all of it?
Emily- "Yeah, all of it."
Frankie- "I can do it, I can do that."

See you guys next week for more fabric fun!

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