Tuesday, February 1, 2011

pre-Mom n' Me Movement 2/2

Hey dancing partners! Tomorrow at 10 am, we'll be meeting in the Atrium's Pool Room for 45 minutes of movement-driven fun. Our class will go something like this:

Shake Your Sillies Out: An invigorating, centering song and dance to get us moving and focused for class.

The Welcome Train: This game will start in a circle, with each of us introducing ourselves, then joining a snaking train around the room.

Circle Stretches: Some basic stretches, yoga-based, which we will repeat each week.

Jack and the Beanstalk: This game entails moms acting as beanstalks, while the kids play the part of Jack and then the Giant. We'll practice tip-toeing, climbing, and stomping movements.

With Your Partner: Sung to the tune of "Skip To My Lou", we will sing multiple verses that describe different movements for partners to mirror.

Freeze Dance: A fun release where everyone freestyles to a song, freezing in whatever position they take when the music stops.

Can't wait to get movin'!

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