Thursday, February 3, 2011

pre-Sculpture Class 2/4

Hello parents and students!

Tomorrow is our first GCK Sculpture class of the Winter Session and I'm so excited to begin sculpting with everyone! Sculpture begins at 3:00pm in the Multipurpose Room of the Atrium and will go until 3:45pm.

This sculpture class is all about exploring the world of art and letting creativity guide the artistic process! Sculpture is a very materials-based subject, and the best way to learn about a new material is to play with it! For every class, we will be introduced to a new type of material and through exploration and play, we will discovery how we can turn almost anything into art! This class is about the creative process and learning about how to develop creative solutions when using new materials.

Before we begin sculpting,
Let's get to know each other! We'll sit around a table and introduce ourselves, as well as talk about the things we like to make or what inspires us!
Afterward, we'll have a little discussion about what sculpture is and what we can use to create sculpture.

Tomorrow's material is Newspaper, and the project is Papier-mâché! Rather than using strips of paper and glue, the class will learn about transforming the material into pulp. Plup Papier-mâché is created when newspaper soaks in water over night and turns into mush! The water is drained and glue is added to the mixture. It's a lot like working with clay; it's a totally unique way to create art with paper!
Everyone will have the freedom to create whatever they'd like to; it's up to them to explore the material and figure out how they like to work with it best!
You can sculpt it like clay, mold it around different objects, draw in it, or invent a completely new way of using Papier-mâché!

I can't wait to create! Get ready for an exciting class everyone!

See you all tomorrow!


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