Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Fabric Art Session!

Tomorrow afternoon will be our first session! I'm super excited to meet some new friends and see a few old ones. For our first class tomorrow, we will be learning and exploring finger knitting. Our class should go something like this:

I would like us all to introduce ourselves and become familiar with one another. We'll sit around the table and make friends with each other! I will also open up questions and answers of what fabric art means to each of us.

We will then discuss the art of knitting. I will show the class a few books and my own supplies that I have for knitting.

Specifically, we will discuss finger knitting and other techniques for the use of yarn to make future projects.

I have a demonstration on how to finger knit and we will spend the rest of class creating with yarn to our heart's content!

I'm so happy to be meeting everyone tomorrow!


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